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Pages: Mastering Your Mac’s Word Processing App is a complete course with more than 60 lessons and 4 hours of video to teach you everything you need to know to use Pages as both a word processor and page layout tool.

The course looks at each feature individually and shows you how and why you may want to use that feature. You’ll learn about fonts, styles, formatting, special characters, headers, footers, footnotes, table of contents and more. You’ll discover how you can add graphic elements like shapes, images, links, tables, charts, text boxes and videos. There are also tutorials on exporting, collaboration and editing, templates and much more.

Whether you need to use Pages for work, school, or to write the next great novel, this course can get you up to speed fast. It does not assume that you have prior experience with other word processor software. However, if you have used something like Microsoft Word in the past, you can also use this course to quickly learn the ins-and-outs of Pages.

Course Content

Getting Started
Working With Text
Document Formatting
Adding Page Elements
Creating Page Layout Documents
Lists, Tables and Charts
Enhancing Your Documents
Printing and Exporting
Writing Tools
Miscellaneous Topics