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Learn how to use your iPad with iPadOS 13, the latest operating system for the iPad, iPad mini and iPad Pro. This course includes more than 25 video tutorials and more than 2 hours of video instruction. It begins by showing you the basics of using touch gestures to control the lock screen, home screen and settings. Then the course breaks down iPadOS into individual apps.

Each tutorial clearly presents an app and shows you how to use your iPad to perform tasks with that app. You'll learn how to use Safari to browse the web, Mail to read and send email, Reminders, Notes and Calendar to get organized, and much more. Presented by the host of the MacMost  video podcast, the creator of hundreds of online video tutorials and the author of books on the Mac and iPad.

The Guide to iPadOS 13 is brought to you by MacMost. The MacMost website contains hundreds of free video tutorials, but the ones in this course are unique to the course.